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Part of owning a business is the insecurities that pop up when you transition clients. That is a nice way of saying “your contract is up”. I am currently in transition and it has me in a funk. Writing a business blog must include ALL of the warts, and as uncomfortable as this is, it is important and unavoidable.

I have just finished a contract with a non profit that I found great joy in working with simply because I BELIEVED in their company. The executive director and I hit it off, and the department managers were all good workers. As we moved through the contract I became increasingly uncomfortable with the systems in place. Suffice to say, I was confused when some of the things I was hired to do, went left and the tasks asked of me to do went right. Couple that with disgruntled employees who are feeling used and abused and share that with me and you have a mess. Needless to say that aside from some loose ends I feel strongly about tying up, the end was a mutual decision.

Which brings me to today. I am organizing my office, filing things that have been put off, emptying outdated files, generally some spring cleaning. Along with that comes the internal spring cleaning. I know what it is I am supposed to move forward doing, but approach it with trepidation due to small feelings of inadequacies based on the “transition”. Moving slowly, deliberately through the process and making no sudden moves. This too shall pass.Maze


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