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I think in the business world, we become driven to succeed – or perform, always risking being trampled.  We have come of age in the world of many options, much information, and the innate desire to make a difference.  It starts out with the idea of being good at something, then – in my world, the competitive nature kicks in and you plunge forward. Over the last couple years of my business life, I have cycled through those feelings more than once.or twice…

When 2015 rolled around, I vowed (once again) to apply my skills and be the best version of myself I could be at the time. I know what I do like the back of my hand, but I felt the desire to create something new and different. I wanted to start a non profit. No small undertaking, and in paperwork alone can be a daunting task. If you are anything like me, I can make myself take the eye off the ball very easily by distracting myself with other “jobs”. I have continuously pulled my mind back to the focus – much like my meditation focus – back to the breath. As a result, there was a strong possibility I would lose a couple clients I currently work with and enjoy helping.  It was a risk, but I trusted if I just put one foot in front of the other and not lose focus, it would all work out.  THIS is a very unnatural state for me, and I had to work hard to maintain it.  I did not force, cajole, argue, debate, negotiate – I just let it unfold.  I was rewarded with renewals, and for that I am grateful.

All of this is great – for today, I just keep moving forward and TRUST that I am on the right path.trust word in letterpress type


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Can you feel it?  That rumble coming up from the ground?  It is the sound of creativity making its way into the hearts of people in the Motor City.  I am especially happy to living in Detroit right now because of it.

Sure, Detroit has haters…a LOT of them.  For some reason it is important to use Detroit as the benchmark for all that is wrong with the U.S.A.  We were too married to industry causing lack of public transportation, we had diversity until the riots of the 60′s sent a lot of people to the suburbs.  We are not what the media would have you believe however.

Detroit is quickly becoming the nerve central for all things creative.  Creative technology, creative thinking, creative funding, creative living.  We are sick and tired of you feeling like you haveIMGP0113 something on us.  I lived in Chicago for awhile.  When I moved back I felt like had to sell this city back to the people who lived here, they were believing the hype.  No longer.

For the record; Chicago has a 10.25 sales tax, think Kwame and Coleman were corrupt?  They actually auctioned off city jobs under Daly.   No offense to the Detroit Bad ass gangs – but Chicago gangs make ours look like West Side Story.

At the front end of all is this is artists.  Detroit and the state of Michigan over indexes the rest of the country in creative jobs.  Look, you will see it — Artists buying homes in Hamtramck, Artists living in New Center.  People like Dan Gilbert and others investing in a city that has all the same markings as any world class city and then some.  We have a riverfront, we have history, we have talent and we are running with it.  Do yourself a favor and look to Motown for your creative needs, we are ready for our close up.

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It is that time of year again. With the sending of my July invoices to clients, I spend time reflecting on the first half of the year and what we have accomplished.

Has our campaign been effective? If not, what part of the project wasn’t up to par? How can we modify it for the second half of the year to boost visibility, revenue and branding?

A good example of this is a radio sponsorship we purchased. It was bought by the marketing manager in an effort to boost sales to a certain slice of the demographics-in this case, union workers. He listened to a morning show with two male personalities that straddled the border between Howard Stern and your 12 year old nephew. Highly rated in the weekly cum, it was worth a try. We made the effort to get these guys to embrace our product, medical supplies, but to no avail. Ideas like basket of “interesting” items, like adult diapers, ED devices, and such still didn’t crack these guys into embracing us and giving us any more than the standard, “this traffic update is brought to you by….”. Needless to say, it is time to cut bait.

When an advertiser has limited funds, it is imperative that you maximize spending with convergence marketing. In other words, don’t just throw money into commercials, get additional perks with your spending. Whether it is the form of “live reads” or appearances, anything to add texture to a straight advertising buy will give you more depth of budget. Don’t be afraid to ask for extras, remember; you can always go down, but rarely can you go back up.

Lesson #2, just because you listen, read or watch, doesn’t mean your potential or existing client does. Listen to your rep, read the trades, understand what you are buying. It all goes back to understanding who you are and what you do. Self evaluation is a necessary and key component of running a successful business.

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